Para medical staff visits your home or workplace with station having all vital signs recording gadgets connected with stations. The stations will have both the facilities to record the vital from patient and then connect to doctor on line through secure video conferencing. Doctor can examine the patient online with looking at the vitals. Other examination gadgets also connected with the stations which doctor can use for online examination like otoscope examination device etc.

TELEMEDICINE PROVIDES HEALTH CARE WHERE THERE IS NONE AND IMPROVES THE HEALTH CARE WHERE THERE IS SOME Telemedicine is used for distance healing. This is not one specific technology but a way of providing healthcare services at a distance using telecommunications technology, medical expertise and computer science. Telemedicine is the future of global healthcare. Our telemedicine stations works on Real time (synchronous) Second Store and Forward (asynchronous) methods

Real time (synchronous)

Real Time requires the presence of both parties at the same time connected through Video-conferencing Peripheral devices are attached to tablet or laptop computers via video-conferencing system which aid in an interactive examination. For instance, a tele-otoscope allows a remote physician to 'see' inside a patient's ear; a tele-stethoscope allows the consulting remote physician to hear the patient's heartbeat

Store and Forward (asynchronous)

This involves acquiring medical data (like medical images, biosignals etc) and then transmitting this data to a doctor or medical specialist at a convenient time for assessment offline.

It does not require the presence of both parties at the same time and properly structured Medical Record preferably in electronic form are transferred.

Using Medical Profile method x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs images can be transferred to consultant doctor and kept in patient record for future record.

Advantages of Telemedicine Station

Better Resource utilization

Early intervention

Avoids unnecessary transportation

Community based care

Medical education and research

Cost saving

Improved patient documentation

Increased range of care and education.