Telemedicine Remote Clinic

GlobalTeleMed Remote Telemedicine Clinic serves as an outreach Remote Consultation unit to facilitate interaction between the patient and the Physician at the other end.

The Remote Telemedicine Station is equipped with Telemedicine enabled devices like ECG, Blood Glucose Monitor, e-Stethoscope, Pulse Oximeter and other needed devices like multi-purpose scopes etc. The Physician’s assistant will utilize the Telemedicine enabled devices like Pulse Oximeter, BP monitor etc., to record the Vitals before the consultation is initiated. In addition to this, the Physician's assistant will also take the height and weight measurements. Based on the Doctor chosen for providing the consultation, a video consultation session is initiated between the remote patient and the Doctor. The Doctor can view the ECG and other clinical parameters on-line while they are being acquired by the Physician's assistant at the Remote Telemedicine Clinic. The Doctor can also refer the patient to further consultation by other doctors as well as recommend Diagnostic Tests. The consultation process enables the Doctor to issue an e-Prescription consisting of the medicines recommended. Upon completion of the consultation process, an Electronic Medical Record of the Patient is created for future use.

Key Components of Remote Telemedicine Clinic

Doctor Console

Doctor Consultation serves the entire process of medical consulting and diagnosis process for the patient at the remote telemedicine Clinic.

Nurse Console

Nurse Console is a system application integrated with medical devices. It includes modules such as patient registration, Clinical Record


The Electronic Medical Record Module is a fully integrated knowledge repository that caters to Medical and clinical records of patients

Patient Portal

Patient portal provides enhanced and qualitative services to patients on demand. A Patient can use his unique identifier, his MRN, to login