You can see your Doctor, Now – Anytime, Anywhere and Face to Face

Using VCTM is convenient, secure and affordable. It connects you with your doctor through secure two-way video communication

Your access to healthcare facilities is without the need to miss work or school and avoid an exhaustive travel. You can schedule your video visit with your doctor when it is convenient for you from home, the office or even from any location.

When TeleMed Station is added with VCTM secure video calling then doctors and patients are better connected. This reduces unnecessary trips to hospital for some nursing home patients. Vitals are taken through attached gadgets to stations and doctor can see them online and can attach the result to the patient medical record. The stations are easily move to your home, workplace, office or wherever you need it.

Advantages of Telemedicine Station

Better Resource utilization

Early intervention

Avoids unnecessary transportation

Community based care

Medical education and research

Cost saving

Improved patient documentation

Increased range of care and education.