Doctor Clinic Management

Global Tele Med has developed a clinical management concept to facilitate the doctors to run their clinic in an efficient manner. This will help them to provide a better services to their patient with ease of operation and decreasing their overhead. The concept has the following operational segments

Patient Registration

Registration is done by using unique ID or using biometric device where in patient demographic, contact details are captured

Appointment and Scheduling

Patient can log on to the web portal and can take the appointment with the doctor on available time slot. Before visiting clinic patient can view the current number of the patient and can visit the clinic and can consult doctor without spending much time in waiting.

Patient encounter

Patient visiting clinic without any appointment can consult doctor on spot.

On line consultation

Patient who are unable to visit the clinic due to some reasons can have the consultation with doctor using two way video conferencing method. Payment can be effectuated by using modern available payment options.

Recording of patient vitals

Health worker captures patient’s key vitals such as Temperature, BP, Height, Weight, Age, Allergies and other parameters / information is directly entered into the patients EMR

Medical Consultation Services

Doctor can have two types of medical consultation one is the face to face direct consultation and the other one is to consult remotely using video conferencing method. After consultation doctor can update the medical record of the patient for future reference.

Medical Health Profile

Doctor can record all his observation and finding into the medical profile of the patient and this will be available in his/her next visit. The medical health profile record will be permanently recorded on our state of the art server and will be available whenever needed.

Medical Diagnosis/Lab Investigation services

Doctor can refer patient for further diagnostics or laboratory investigations which is recorded in patient profile and the result are directly fed into the medical profile. In their next visit doctor can view the results.

Pharma Dispensation

Doctor prescribing the medicine are recorded in the patient profile and if necessary then the delivery of the medicine can be arranged at the door step of the patient without any extra service charges.

Advantages of Telemedicine Station

Better Resource utilization

Early intervention

Avoids unnecessary transportation

Community based care

Medical education and research

Cost saving

Improved patient documentation

Increased range of care and education.