About Global Telemed

GlobalTeleMed set up is built up by professionals to provide health care services to the patients who are uncomfortable to move to clinic or hospital to see doctors/consultant. The use of technology has made it possible that patient can consult with doctor on 2-way video conferencing. We have applied technological advancement to bridge the gap between the technology and healthcare providers.

We provide cloud based solutions to record patient medical history on secure and easy-to-use software to access, create and update the medical record. As soon as the data is updated, it is available to patient and doctors online immediately with history build-up. This solution enables doctors to save precious time, make right decisions and avoid medical errors and complications due to a lack of information.

Cloud based telemedicine solution is designed to deliver live access to a patient from any remote location and the transmission of patient vital medical data is done in real-time and provider can see the vital medical record immediately. The combined telemedicine software platform is integrated on a tablet at the exam / patient site and uses an internet connection to transmit information and communicate with a remote physician. The remote physician does not require any special hardware or software to perform the consultation, just need access to a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone with a web camera and microphone.

Cloud based on line consultation with doctors is available for those who want to consult with doctors and need immediate solution to their diseases. It connects patient with doctor by using the 2-way video communication feeling like face to face.

We are also aiming to provide the medicine to patient at their door steps without any additional charges. We ensure that the medicine we take direct from manufacturer to avoid any discrepancy in between. Patient can order medicine by using our online pharmacy facility.

We are venturing with well-known diagnostic laboratories to collect the test samples from the patient home and the result will be available to online and even will be updated directly into the patient profile.


By applying hi-tech telemedicine concept of healthcare system, to bring patient and health care providers in access with each other from any remote location without moving them.


Extending existing healthcare delivery system from telemedicine to telesurgery and applying technology as a mainstream channel for education.